Hire Vildravn

Are you a solo/small indie in need of some DevOps or build automation assistance? I can help.

Want to port your project to Linux? Or does it feel like you’re wasting time setting up your server infrastructure? Have I mentioned I can help?

If you’d rather spend your valuable time working on aspects of your project that you enjoy then let’s chat!

My skillset includes (but is not limited to):

I specialize mostly in game related projects but can certainly help with other projects too. Contact me at hire(at)vildravn(dot)dev, send me a private mention on Mastodon or private message to @vildravn on Discord and let’s discuss ways in which I can enable you to do more!



I assisted with general end-to-end testing and debugging the Linux version of APICO on various distributions, including SteamOS on the Steam Deck and gave advice on GitHub pipelines, and advice on AppImage distribution for Snacktorio.


I am involved with Isleward long-term. I set up the server infrastructure and put deployment strategies which I talked about a long time ago on my blog (part 1, part 2), organized an open-source repository for Isleward, along with initial guidelines on contributing to the project and the development flow, and contributed some code. I have scaled back my involvement in the project now but I still step in whenever help is needed with managing the infrastructure.